Fat Truck Vs Sherp

Fat Truck Vs Sherp: Similarities and Differences Explained

Keep reading the article to find detailed insight about Fat truck vs Sherp. When considering the different types of off-road utility vehicles in the industry, the fat truck and Sherp are commonly referred to because of their close similarities. These vehicles are equally large and designed to carry loads away from the roads, especially over wet terrains.

But these utility vehicles can also drive on the road, away from wet terrains. Thus the Fat truck and the Sherp are also known as amphibious vehicles. Though these two types of vehicles seem alike, they stand out for different purposes in the industry, hence the sole reason they have different names.

However, most might not know the differences between the Fat truck and the Sherp, which is quite tricky to figure out at first glance. If you want to find out about Fat truck vs Sherp, you are in the right place! 

What Is a Fat Truck?

The fat truck is a four-wheel, humungous vehicle specialized in transporting loads in off-road areas, usually over soggy, marshy land, and is also designed to float on water. But the fat truck also has the ability to drive away from the wet terrains and on the road, which is why a fat truck is also called an amphibious vehicle. A fat truck has a powerful engine to deliver loads and transport work crews to rough sites for remote work.

The fat truck can transport a crew of 8 to 10 total passengers and a load weighing a Ton (1000 kilograms). With a powerful engine and huge tires, the fat truck has excellent speed and can travel up to 25kmph.

What Is a Sherp?

The Sherp is similarly large with four wheels as the fat truck, which is used for transporting cargo loads, crew members, and passengers to remote areas with extreme conditions.

The Sherp also has the ability to float over and is specially designed to travel over wet terrains and soggy land and climb thin ice. Since a sherp can drive off-road and on-road over dry land, the Sherp is considered an amphibious vehicle like the Fat truck.

The large tires in the Sherp have better speed than the Fat truck, which can travel up to 45 kmph on land and 6 km on water.

How Much Does a Sherp Cost?

The starting price of a Sherp is approximately $115,000 to $350,000. There are different types of Sherp models in the industry, designed and manufactured,  developing each year. The type of Sherp you need will decide the cost of the Sherp, as it varies with its models and features.

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How Much Does a Fat Truck Cost?

The cost of a Fat truck is estimated at $170,000, completely equipped and ready to use. There can be changes in the price with each model and manufacturer. Hence the cost could increase or reduce.

Where is the Fat Truck Manufactured?

The fat truck is primarily manufactured by a company based in Canada. The manufacturing plant of fat trucks is located in Bromont, Quebec of, Canada, and is built by a company named Zeal Motor Inc. The Company is specialized in building off-road utility vehicles.

Their industrial and off-road vehicle has taken a significant place in the industry and has impressed their customers with their features. Zeal Motor has been building Fat trucks for a long time, and their vehicles have outstanding capabilities.

Where is the Sherp Made?

The Sherp was first introduced to Siberia because of its off-road conditions manufactured by Quadro International. The Company is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada. Quadro International is the best Sherp manufacturer holding International quality in International standards, certified by ISO 9001.

The Company delivers Sherp trucks worldwide in a vast international platform to different countries, maintaining a wide dealership including ARGO and Streit Group.

Fat truck Vs Sherp Comparison

The Fat truck and Sherp are outstanding off-road utility vehicles that specialize in transporting heavy loads over wet terrains, soggy lands, and floating on water. Thus, these utility vehicles are also called amphibious vehicles because they can drive on land and water.

Their similarities, including their appearance, it has made most people compare the Fat truck vs. Sherp. However, the fat truck and Sherp have significant features that make the vehicles differ. Hence below, we will briefly discuss the differences between Fat truck vs. Sherp.

1.      Directional Control

Directional control is the mechanism used to navigate the vehicle in different directions. When considering the directional control of the Fat truck, Sherp uses different mechanisms to control the vehicle. The fat truck uses a joystick which can be used by any individual seated in the passenger seats. Buy, in a Sherp, the directional control only operates on one side and includes a manual mechanical transmission.

2.      Tires

The Fat truck and Sherp have humungous tires as standard utility off-road trucks but have two different ways to travel over terrains.

The tires of a  Fat truck compress air inside the tires controlling the airflow and deflating while driving, but the Sherp inflates their tires using fumes inside the tire.

3.      Interior temperature

The Fat truck has a protective cabin and keeps you safe from the outside weather elements, but a Sherp is different from the Fat truck because the cabin will have issues with heat.

4.      Engine

The fat truck uses a four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 2.2 liters. In contrast, a Sherp uses turbo-diesel with a capacity of 1.5 liters, including four cylinders.


Off-road utility trucks have played a huge role to develop the industrial field. The two of the most significant vehicles seen are the Sherp and Fat truck for their outstanding capabilities in the industry. But because of their common features, it can be not very clear to figure out the differences.

Hence, in this article, Fat truck vs. Sherp, we have explained the definition of what a Fat truck and Sherp are, including topics like where they are manufactured, how much they cost, and the significant differences between Fat Truck and Sherp.

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