how to reset airmatic suspension

Troubleshooting Airmatic Suspension: How to Reset Your System

Air suspension is a type of vehicle suspension that is propelled by an electrical or engine-powered air pump or expander. This compressor pushes air via the flexible bellows, which are made of a fixed rubber with a textile structure. You would occasionally need to readjust the Airmatic adjustment. How to reset Airmatic suspension?

That will be explained to you in this essay. Before continuing on to resetting, one would also discover information regarding how to identify Airmatic suspension issues. You may maintain your Airmatic Suspension once you’ve determined the issue and its resolution. Continue reading the complete story.

What is Airmatic Suspension and Why Reset It?

Instead of using traditional metal forces, air bushings are used in Airmatic settlement, a form of the vehicle suspension. Due to the self-leveling nature of such Airmatic rear suspension, the pleasure of your journey is unaffected by the addition of people or goods.

To provide more ground clearance on rocky roads, Airmatic may lift the car with the touch of a button. This very same lever can be utilized to reduce Airmatic for better handling and efficiency at extreme speeds.

Airmatic changes the air pressure when every air spring travels through the air to improve convenience and minimize body roll. ADS maintains track of traffic conditions and the driving style, and it’s able to stiffen the shock absorbers providing regulated handling in 50 milliseconds.

Passengers and drivers alike will enjoy a comfortable ride thanks to the Airmatic air active suspension. However, if the network becomes too busy or has an internal malfunction, it may require a reset.

How to Diagnose Airmatic Suspension Problems?

Resetting your Airmatic system is a good idea if you notice any of the society has evolved of system failure.

Compressor failure

The air maintained inside the Airmatic device cannot be compressed if the compressor malfunctions. Failure of the Airmatic device can be caused by poor wiring inside a compressor or by the compressor becoming obstructed.

Valve obstruction

As a result of air leaking back through into the turbine due to a blocked Airmatic gate, turbine failure may result.

Error with the Airmatic Relay

Relay circuits’ wear and tear might cause them to malfunction. The relay circuit, which acts as a button to toggle between on and off the compressor’s connections, is susceptible to failure and may leave the compression trapped in one of two states: on or off.

Suspension that squeaks

As a result of the suspension absorbers failing, repetitive screaming or squeaking noises are yet another indication that the Airmatic system is failing.

Failure of the Airmatic

The Airmatic technology is dysfunctional owing to a problem with the suspension system component, due to improper installation, or due to subpar repair work if such part or side of the automobile is drooping, whereas other elements of the suspension remain able to sustain inflation.

Leaks of air

The Airmatic device is prone to fail if you observe air leakage.

The secret to maintaining your car operating smoothly is early identification and swift response.

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How to Reset Airmatic Suspension?

It should be noted that the precise procedure to do this depends on the model and manufacturer of a particular gadget. Just be sure to refer to its handbook or comply with any instructions it issues along the way to properly finish the process.

Previous preparedness

You must become ready in order to correct this error.


Vediamo or DTS Monaco. Such two distinct programs are used to re-code as well as reprogram the automotive system’s ECU boxes.

Linking apparatus

For Mercedes-Benz automobiles, the C4 is a testing, coding, computing, reading, and debugger. When you lack the necessary software or hardware, click here to contact us for immediate assistance.

Corrective steps

After setting up the required tools and software.

Method 1: Attach the device’s Xentry to the car and recognize the SPC222 device also as an Airmatic control module.

Phase 2: Launch the DTS Monaco application and link to the SPC222 device.

Process 3: Rerun the CFF flash program.

Part 4: Reimplement the SPC222 ECU module.

Stage 5: Run another Xentry manual inspection.

Step 6: take the automobile for a test drive to verify whether the system is functioning properly or otherwise.

You will want a unique calibration device when you want to adapt the air suspension. Now, you must fully spin the steering column so that one tire is as close to the pavement as possible and the other wheel is totally off the floor.

Get someone to keep the wrench once you’ve decided which part of the automobile’s construction the tire should be measured from first. For correct calibration, reverse the procedure, then repeat the process for each automobile wheel.

Tips for Maintaining Airmatic Suspension

Use largely determines how long the air suspension system will last. These are the major indicators to check while servicing the air suspension.

Verify that there are no leaks

There should be no leaks at all in airbags, including in major airlines. Hence, be certain to examine them frequently.

The connectivity of the airlines

An air suspension model’s air distribution system is made up of air lines. Ensure sure they are all attached to your vintage car securely.

Have a look at the air springs

A consistent level should be maintained via air springs. It is typically five psi in order to compress or refill your pneumatic springs in accordance with the recommended temperature for your automobile. See an automotive specialist.

Do routine inspections and cleanings

Before embarking on a lengthy journey or hauling large loads, check each part of the suspension system package for damage, faulty couplings, or other issues. Prior to traveling or moving anything, be sure to address any problems you uncover.

There must be routine maintenance visits

The easiest approach to finding and fixing any problems with your antique car before they endanger you or cause more costly damages is to have it regularly inspected by skilled experts.

When to Seek Professional Help?

The instructions to restore the Airmatic using coding tools are listed above. Yet, to perform such tasks, a person must be quite skilled at using programming software with pinpoint accuracy. Professional specialists are eager to assist with remote encoding if you lack knowledge in this area.

The earliest signs of issues with your Airmatic suspension should be repaired. Delaying merely increases your danger of harming other components of the Mercedes-Benz.

The Air Suspension Failing notice is actually a significant alert that has to be looked at as promptly as possible by a trustworthy, professional mechanic. Take the Mercedes to a dependable repair right away if you experience more shocks than normal, trouble steering or navigating corners or even risky scenarios where it seems like the car might roll when traveling at fast speeds or through tight turns.


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