How long does window tint last

How Long Does Window Tint Last? Deciding Factors Explained

One might tint the windows of the car for different reasons; it depends on an individual’s personal preference and is one of the most costly projects in the automotive industry. Hence, it is quite normal for most of us to consider how long does  window tint last.

Tinting windows is applying a laminated dyed film sheet, mostly used to block direct sunlight and increase the passengers’ privacy. It also enhances the vehicle’s appearance by giving it an aesthetic look. 

As previously stated, tinting your vehicle’s windows has a specific period it could last. Because you might have seen the tint starting to fade, change its original colour and form bubbles on the tint over time, which simultaneously loses its effectiveness and originality.

Different types of tints in the industry are manufactured using different materials, and each of these types takes a specific timespan that varies from the other. For example, a regular tint will last less than a premium type of tint in the industry.

Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Car Window Tint

Besides the different types of materials used that affect the time span of the tint, various other factors affect the lifespan of the window tint. Below is a brief insight explaining each factor affecting the window tint’s lifespan.

1.      Quality of the tint

One of the most common factors that affect the lifetime is the quality of the tint. Cheap tints use low-quality materials to manufacture that will only last for a short period. If you are investing in a regular tint,  it is most expected to see your tint fade and bubble in less than five years, but in comparison investing in a premium, type tint will increase the lifetime twice the regular tint.

2.      Exposure to the UV rays

If you live in a hot region or experiencing the summer of the year, you might see the tint fading faster. The sunlight directed to the UV rays will affect the tint, degrade faster and lose its quality. That is why window tints in colder regions last longer.

3.      Installation process

The process of installing window tints has a huge impact on how long the tint will last. Because when installing the tint, it is vital to be delicate and pay attention to every detail. One small mistake can ruin the complete tint. A poor installation tinting process tends to wear down your tint soon and cause the edges to tear down. It is recommended to install the window tints with a professional to give a good finish by increasing the lifetime.

4.      Cleanliness

Another important factor that affects the lifetime of the tint is cleanliness. Maintaining the cleanliness of your tint by using the right type of cleaner is crucial. If your cleaners contain harsh chemicals, they can cause a chemical reaction and damage the film sheet. It is recommended to avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia to prevent your tint from damaging; however, with the right type of cleaners, you can easily increase the lifetime of the tint.

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How Long Does Window Tint Last?

As previously stated, how long does window tint  last depends on various factors like the quality, installation process, exposure to the UV (Ultra Violet ) radiation and cleanliness. It is mostly based on the steps you take to maintain the tint. It also depends on the type of material used in the tint, and a premium type of tint will last longer than a regular cheap tint.

But when considering the standard lifetime of how long does window tint last, a rough estimate can be concluded to be five years. But the lifetime of the tint can increase if properly maintained with the necessary steps. Keep reading to find out how to make window tint last longer.

How to Make Window Tint Last Longer?

You can easily increase the lifetime of the window tints by avoiding the previously stated factors that affect the lifespan of the window tint. But in the following, you can increase the lifetime of your tint by following the steps to make window tint last longer. Keep reading to find a brief insight on tips to make your window tints last longer.

  1. Please do not park your vehicle under direct sunlight and expose them to UV radiation. Use a car cover or tent or park your vehicle inside the garage to avoid the direct sunlight on your window tints.
  2. Use mild glass cleaners on the tint. Avoid using ammonia cleaners to prevent damage to the film sheet of the tint.
  3. Use a soft cotton cloth or fibre cloth to wipe the window glasses. Using rough materials will cause abrasion and bruises on the windows and damage the tint.
  4. If you have bought your vehicle just after installing the tint, give it some to heal. Avoid washing window tints with water, as it weakens the adhesive and has the possibility for the tint to bubble.
  5. Wipe and dry the windows completely after washing. Leaving the tint wet with water will not hold the tint for too long.
  6. Install the window tint from a professional because this is a delicate process that should be handled by a professional to get better results.


Tinting your vehicle has so many benefits and has always been one of the significant automobile projects in the industry. Since it’s a costly process, it is normal for an individual to wonder how long the window tint lasts.

The lifetime of a tint depends on various factors like the quality, installation process, exposure to direct sunlight, maintenance and the material used in the tint. At an average rate, the window tint can last up to 5 years, but with proper maintenance and care, the tint can last ten years.

In the article we have contemplated different topics like the factors affecting the lifespan of the window tint, how long does window tint last and the methods that can be used to make the window tints last longer?

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