How Long Does Window Tint Take To Dry

How Long Does Window Tint Take To Dry? Explained

The moment you decide to tint the windows of your car, it is high time you will experience the best future journeys. Tinting the window glasses of your car will instantly lift the car’s appearance, giving you the desired comfort on a hot summer day. But before you experience the benefits of the window tint, it is essential to know what to do after installing the window tint and how long does window tint take to dry.

Because investing in tinting your windows is costly, you must be extremely careful and ensure you don’t ruin the tints. The shortcomings will disappoint you if you do not follow the steps after a fresh tint. Thus, it is essential to understand how long window tint takes to dry.

When Should You Install Your Window Tints?

Getting window tints installed is one of the most satisfying moments for a car enthusiast because of the numerous advantages it benefits you. If you plan to get your vehicle windows tinted, you must understand the right time to get it. If you have recently invested in installing the tints, we recommend you not change them because of the cost.

Since the average lifetime of a tint is up to five years, it is best to change your tints every five years. But there are also reasons why you should get new tints. Thus it is vital to know when you need to get them tinted. Below is a brief insight on when you should install your window tints.

  1. When the tint in your vehicle starts to fade and changes its original color, it is high time you change your tint.
  2. Some cheap tint might start to bubble over time. Thus it is high time you get your tint changed.
  3. If the tint starts to peel off because of poor installation
  4. If an accident causes the window glasses to shatter, it simultaneously damages the tints.
  5. Change your tints every five years. In general, installing your window tints in the autumn or spring is most recommended because of the low humidity levels.

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How Long Does It Take to Install the Window Tints?

The process of installing your window tints is a very delicate project. To successfully install the tint, you must pay attention to the little details and avoid ruining them. If you have ever wondered how long it takes to install window tints, this is the right place to find out.

If you want to tint only a few windows in your car, it can take approximately two hours, but it might take approximately two to four to tint a car completely.

What Can You do After Installing New Window Tints?

It can take some time to heal when your car is still fresh after a new tint. You must avoid damaging your tints and follow the steps to increase the lifetime of the tint bringing the best out of it!

Below are some tips that can be followed on what you can do after installing new window tints.

  1. Avoid rolling the windows for at least 48 hours. It is important the tint properly adheres to the glass. Rolling the newly installed has a high possibility for tints to peel off, damage it, and leave the windows up for 48 hours.
  2. After 48 hours, clean your windows with cleaner and use a soft cotton fiber cloth. Avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia, as it could damage the tints.
  3. Avoid moving sharp objects around the tints. Because they are invincible and unhealed new tint can easily get scratched and worsen the damage.
  4. If you are concerned about the haziness, water pockets, and bubbles in the new window tint, you don’t have to worry about it. Do not try to meddle with it, and avoid doing anything to remove those. Because those are signs, the tint is not healed yet. Once the tint starts healing, the air bubble and water pockets evaporate.

How Long Does Window Tint Take to Dry?

The time takes for a window tint to dry primarily depends on the weather condition and your region. The time might vary for each tint depending on the previously stated factors.

If you live in a hot region of the country or tinting your vehicle windows on a hot summer day, it might take only 2 to 4 days, but in comparison, it might take more than two weeks for the tint to dry in the winter season. There are also instances where the tint was completely dry in 24 hours and almost a month in the worst times.

How to Maintain Window Tints?

Maintaining window tints will not only increase the lifetime of the tints but also will keep your tint looking new. Thus, the following are some tips you can follow to maintain the window tints of your vehicle. Keep reading to find out.

  1. Dry your window glasses completely after washing them. Do not leave water in the tint as it can weaken the tint and reduce its strength to stick on to the glass.
  2. Use a soft cotton cloth to dry the window tints to avoid bruises and scratches in the tints.
  3. It is recommended to use foam-based cleaners instead of cleaners that contain harsh chemicals that will fade the tint.
  4. Use car covers or park your vehicle inside the garage to avoid direct sunlight reflecting on the car. UV radiation can burn the tints and cause them to lose their originality, reducing their effectiveness.


If you plan to tint your car windows, you might wonder how long window tint takes to dry. But it depends on factors like the region and weather conditions; generally, the tint might dry quicker on a hot summer rather than on a colder climate.

The article, how long does a window tint take to dry, contemplates topics like when you should install window tint, and how long it takes to dry and explains the measures that should be taken after a new tint.

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