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The Polish brand of electric vehicles – “ Izera”

The Polish designer, Tadeusz Jelec designed an amazing electrical car brand by adjoining his roots. They named this car brand “Izera”. The Izera brand was created by the Polish state-owned energy companies: Energa, Enea, Tauron, and PGE. They founded the electric carmaker Electro Mobility Poland,(EMP ) a Poland company that presented the brand under which its cars would be sold under the name ” Izera”. On 28th July 2020, the first ever Polish electric car brand “Izera” was introduced to the public. These Polish electric vehicles are the result of four years of work and research and the dedication of the creators. This electric car is inspired by the natural resources of Poland itself. The Izera mountain range is the major symbol of inspiration for the Polish electric brand ” Izera”.

Leading edge and innovations

There are two types of Izera vehicles introduced to the market, hatchbacks and SUVs. In designing both of the types, advanced technology has been used. In less than eight seconds, the car’s electric powertrain ensures acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers. To align the available range with customer demand, we want to launch two battery capacity variants. The vehicle has a 400 km range on a single charge.

The cars’ electrical designs and steering systems are a reflection of the current consumer preferences. Customers will be able to remotely turn on the air conditioning while the car is charging by downloading a specific app to their smartphone or other mobile device. To lower the cost of charging, it will also offer the ability to choose the charging cycle and time. Energy-efficient LED lights will be installed in the cars, increasing both safety and range. In addition to using voice commands via the app, users will be able to interact with their automobiles via a high-resolution LCD touchscreen.

The most cutting-edge technologies will also increase motorist safety. The Izera brand’s designers have given advanced driver assistance systems a lot of thought, which is why the vehicles will come with features like the FCW (Forward Collision Warning System), ESC (Electronic Stability Control system), BSW (Blind Spot detection system), TSR (Traffic-Sign Recognition system), and others.

Is this car within reach financially?

 Is Izera a budget-friendly electric car? The company’s objective, according to the president of Electro Mobility Poland, is to develop a “budget” car that is within the means of the “average Kowalski.” Their goal is to produce this vehicle ( Izera ) and lower the cost of electric vehicles within the next three to four years. Compared to a combustion engine, an electric car has reduced operating costs, but the cost of purchase is still higher. As a result, the vehicle will be sold in installments, with each monthly installment covering the cost of the vehicle as well as fuel (in this case, electricity). Izera vehicles will have a monthly payment that is less than that of combustion vehicles in the same market.

Izera electric vehicle (EV) and Ecosystem

The Izera mountains in Poland’s southwest inspired the Izera vehicle. The greenhouse effect and, by extension, climate change are impacted by the steadily increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Transportation, agriculture, the energy sector, and industrial facilities all release CO2. According to scientific findings, the latter is responsible for roughly 14% of CO2 emissions caused by humans.  After all, the greenhouse effect would be mitigated if more people drove electric vehicles instead of gasoline ones.

Why should Poland have this car?

 With the growth of cars and charging stations new models of electric cars and the innovations of the business models of electromobility, the Polish experts agree with the fact that the introduction of a Polish electric car brand to the market will revolutionize the Polish car brand.

It is pretty sure that, with time, the expensive car market will decrease and it will be more affordable with time and most of the population in a country will be able to use it. The Polish energy companies are ready to fulfill the expectations of the customers and to increase the growth of the electric car project in Poland.  This project is a crucial component of Poland’s evolving energy production system.

Izera has a unique look which makes it different from any other car. The design of this electric car is made by using the inspiration of a lot of Polish artists because the creators needed to showcase the Polish characteristics in the brand “zero “. 


Does this car effectively satisfy Poland’s aspirations and improve environmental conditions?

By 2025, the Polish government wants one million electric vehicles, yet this could lead to a rise in greenhouse gas emissions. Because of the energy-intensive battery manufacturing process and the methods used to generate electricity, electric automobiles can occasionally contribute more pollution than gas or diesel vehicles. In Poland, where coal accounts for more than 80% of the country’s electricity, an electric automobile generates roughly 250 grams of CO2 every kilometer, whereas a gasoline-powered vehicle releases 180 grams.

Electric vehicles indicate fewer emissions (between 120 and 140 gCO2e/km) in nations with cleaner energy sources, such as Slovakia and Hungary, which have nuclear power plants. Because of nuclear power, Even France has a lower emission factor—90 gCO2e/km—while Norway, which primarily uses hydroelectric power, is frequently used as an example. According to Poland’s Energy Minister, electric vehicles would increase CO2 emissions by 900,000 tons per year but might also be profitable for energy corporations. Poland and other nations like it must make significant investments in renewable energy sources if electric vehicles are to be a real climate solution.

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