why does ice form on inside of windshield

Why Does Ice Form on Inside of Windshield – [Reason & Solutions]

When the temperature scales lie in the minuses, we sometimes find ice in our lashes too. Have you ever seen such phenomena inside your cars? Why does ice form on inside of windshield? If you are curious about this natural incident, do scroll down! You will find the exact answer.

Water becomes ice when the temperature goes down, passing the 0°C value. This is a general fact we all know. But can it happen inside a vehicle when you are on a ride, even if you are 100% sure that the car does not present any holes or damages in the sealing? But that is not the only reason. When the car’s air conditioning is not on and if it rains outside, you all have experienced the trouble of a layer of mist forming inside the glasses. Is the ice case similar to that? Let’s find it out.

Why Does Ice Form on Inside of Windshield?

The ice on the windscreen is a dangerous state you face in the winter. A vehicle travelling with a partially covered windshield presents a high risk of a road accident. Thus, it should be treated ASAP as it affects your life as well as the other drivers. On the other hand, if you do not get rid of the ice, it will make the car’s interior wet, and sometimes the components of the dashboard may be damaged due to the water entrance. 

Why does ice form on inside of windshield? The reason is the water vapor inside your car. These vapors turn into ice when due to the temperature difference with the outer wall of the windshield. Then the water vapor near the windshield expels its heat and becomes ice.

Water vapor is collected inside the car via the respiration of the passengers, a missed window to be closed, and random snow particles getting inside from the boots and the clothing, for instance. This is a natural incident, and there is nothing to worry about it as long as you treat these tiny glaziers properly. If you often experience ice on the inside of the windshield, there should be space in your car’s sealing. It is urgent to seek the assistance of a skilled technician to identify the problem in these kinds of situations. 

How Do I Get Ice Off the Inside of My Windshield? 

If there is already a frozen windshield, you can turn on the heating of your car. But make sure you do not spill water all over the dashboard, floor, and seating. Turn on the heating and switch it off when you see water droplets forming. Then take a lint-free soft cloth and wipe the water from the glass surface. It would be better if you turn on the air conditioner for a moment because it presents a dehumidifying quality. This means the remained water vapor will be moved out of the car when you turn on your A/C. 

For instant results, take a dry cloth and heat it up. You can use the microwave for this purpose. 

Take the piece of cloth and make it wet. Then you should squeeze the cloth gently; after, place the cloth inside your microwave for 30 seconds. If it needs more heating, repeat the act at intervals every 30 seconds. This is one of the easiest ways to obtain a dry and hot cloth. Now, take this to your car and slowly wipe the windshield with less pressure on it. You can use another clean and dry cloth for the second time if there is more water vapor. Do not perform this method even with a damp cloth, as it may worsen the problem or make no changes. 

How Do I Stop Frost on the Inside of My Windshield?

The key to eliminating the frost trouble is minimizing the amount of water vapor inside your car. You can get the support of the master in your kitchen, baking soda, in here too. Keep opened few packets of baking soda inside your car, especially near the windshield. Close all the doors and windows and park the vehicle in your garage. Make sure you do not spill any baking soda on the interior surfaces of your vehicle. 

Using silica gel packets is also a good option. You can find these from a supermarket or from the nearest hardware. 

Other than these, in a frosty situation, you should open the windows a bit and wait for a while to give enough time for the water vapor to move out. If you accidentally drop some water inside your car, immediately use a vacuum and make the surface dry. Wiping off with a dry cloth will not help you here. If the carpets are wet, you can use either vacuum to dry those or take them out of your vehicle. If the carpets are slightly wet, you could also do the drying with a dehumidifier. Then close all the windows and let the water vapor collected inside move out by functioning the fans. An hour on this step will be enough. 

Finally, the most important advice we can give is to maintain your windshield clean all the time. This will make the formation of ice slow and will reduce the threat. 

  • Should You Put Hot Water on the Iced Windshield?

Putting hot water or using a very warm towel are two things you should never try to wipe out the ice. This is because of the high potential of damaging the glass due to the sudden application of high heat. 

  • What Can I Spray on My Windows to Melt Ice?

The combination of water and rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) will do magic on your iced windshield. But make sure you use the correct ratios. Isopropyl and water should be mixed in a ratio of 3:1. Take 3 parts of isopropyl and mix with 1 part of water. 

There are also solutions marketed for this purpose. Try a safe product if you want instant results. You can also purchase a portable defroster for around $20. 


If you are troubleshooting the ice on the inside of your windshield, this article will help you do this effectively. 

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