Windshield fluid not coming out

Windshield Fluid Not Coming Out? Causes And Fixes

The windshield fluid or windshield washer fluid is the liquid used to clean the vehicle’s windscreen. It is a part of the windshield washer that sprays water to the windscreen, and with the use of windshield wiper blades, the dirt and debris are cleaned off. However, in some instances, the windshield fluid does not come out, and it’s normal to fret why the windshield fluid not coming out when you were expecting it to spray. There are different reasons for the cause. One of them could be due to an errored mechanism in the system.

The windshield fluid is sprayed to the windscreen through the windshield washer pump, located below the windshield washer fluid bottle. The windshield washer fluid is bright in color and made of methanol, toxic alcohol, and other types of alcohol-based liquids like ethylene glycol.

The fluid must be refilled for the Windshield washer to work efficiently. You can refill by locating the windshield washer fluid reservoir that looks like a translucent bottle. Open the cap and refill the fluid to the fill line using a funnel.

Why Is Windshield Fluid Not Coming Out?

Why windshield fluid does not come out does not have a specified answer. There are many reasons for the issue in the system; it could be because of an errored mechanism or the windshield washer fluid bottle empty. Below is a detailed insight into why windshield fluid not coming out.

Windshield washer fluid reservoir empty

One of the common reasons your windshield washer fluid does not spray the liquid is because the windshield washer fluid reservoir is empty. It is also one of the simplest ways to solve the issue, as it’s not related to mechanical errors.

Clogged windshield washer nozzle

The most common reason detected when why windshield fluid not coming out is because of the clogged nozzle in the system. A clogged nozzle can be caused when collected in the nozzle through the tube. When the windshield washer nozzle is clogged, it can push water through the pump to the windscreen.

Faulty windshield washer pump

The windshield washer pump is the part that helps to spray the liquid to the windscreen. Another cause for why the windshield washer fluid is not coming out can be because of a faulty pump in the windshield washer system. The pump failure is caused if the motor is constantly used when the fluid is empty in the windshield washer reservoir.

Issues in the windshield washer tube

The windshield washer tube is attached to the reservoir, and the pump carries the windshield washer liquid to spray. However, if the tube is damaged, the liquid will leak and will not reach the pump to spray the fluid on the windscreen.

Fuse in the windshield washer pump

Every electric component in a vehicle has a fuse connected to operate. There are possibilities the windshield washer pump fuse is gone. Inspect your car’s fuse box for any burnt signs, mud, or debris collected.

You can detect the pump fuse in the box by turning on the ignition. Next, turn on the wipers and washer pump. A test light is lit in the fuse that corresponds to the windshield washer and wiper.

Windshield washer fluid in winter

During extreme winter seasons, there are chances for the windshield washer fluid to freeze in the reservoir. It prevents the liquid from spraying on the windshield and is one of the causes why windshield fluid does not come out. You can solve the issue by parking the vehicle in the sun or driving the car for some time for the engine to heat and radiate warmth.

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How to Fix a Faulty Windshield Wiper?

When the windshield washer fluid does not come out, we can repair it ourselves. And it does not cost much to replace new auto parts like the pump, tube, or reservoir.

The issues in the windshield washer system can be fixed if you detect the problem and follow the necessary steps. But it is recommended to consult a professional if it seems impossible. It can lessen the issue. Below is how to fix the problems when windshield fluid is not coming out.

Refill The Washer Fluid

If your windshield reservoir is empty, you must refill it. Locate the translucent bottle by tossing the bonnet of the car. To locate the reservoir, follow the windshield washer tube till you find a translucent bottle in the engine area. Open the bottle, using a funnel refill to the reservoir’s fill line.

Clean the Clogged Windshield Washer Nozzle

To fix a clogged nozzle, you must get rid of the dust collected in the nozzle. Clean the nozzle using a pin to remove the debris collected. Then examine the windshield washer tube, where you will find a barbed connector in the tube. Detach the tube from there and blow through the hose from the end you disconnected to clear the remaining dust.

Faulty Windshield Washer Pump

If you have a defective windshield washer pump, you will have to remove the old pump and replace it with a new one. Find the correct fit of the washer pump of your vehicle model. A new windshield washer pump may cost approximately $25 to $40.

Issues in the Windshield Washer Tube

As previously stated, the probability of an issue in the windshield washer tube is when it’s damaged and causing leakages. To fix this issue, you will have to replace it with a new tube.

Fuse in the Windshield Washer Pump

Use the test light to find the correct fuse linked to the windshield washer. Find a fuse with a similar amp rating. Pull out the fuse and replace it with a new one. Run the test light on the new fuse to ensure it works.


The windshield fluid not coming out is not a huge issue; it can be easily fixed if examined properly and the case is detected. This article contemplates the problems related to why the windshield fluid is not coming out, giving a brief insight into each reason. It also discusses how to repair the windshield fluid not coming by providing solutions to fix the issues stated.

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