Carbon vs Ceramic Tint

Carbon vs Ceramic Tint [Performance/ Price/ Durability/ Material]

Carbon vs ceramic tint; let’s compare! Tinting the window glasses in your vehicle is essential to prevent sunlight from entering the Vehicle. Though the tinting window glasses were first introduced to decorate in the early 19s, it was then developed then introduced in the 1960s to the automobile industry to prevent direct sunlight into the Vehicle.

The tint was developed with different materials apart from the regular tint, like, carbon, metallic, ceramic, etc. However, the regular tint is considered cheap because of its low quality. Still, the other type of tints has slight differences because of the different types of material used.

One of the industry’s two most prominent types of tint is the carbon tint and ceramic tint. Both the tints are of a good standard, but slight differences in the properties have made it confusing which type of tint is better.

If you are planning to tint your vehicle, it is better to compare the difference between carbon and ceramic tint and choose what is most appropriate to fit your requirements.

The tint is a thin film-dyed sheet attached with an adhesive on your window glasses and windscreen to prevent direct sunlight into the Vehicle. But not all tints are the same; the types of tint differ based on the materials used.

The carbon tint, as the name suggests, includes fine particles of carbon finely mixed to give a dark matte shade to your windows. In contrast, ceramic, one of the premium types of tint available in the industry, is manufactured with the latest technology, including nano-ceramic particles, but can be extremely costly.

Why Tint Vehicle Window Glasses?

Since the tint was introduced to the industry, it has brought numerous benefits to the car; though there are slight differences, the primary purpose of tinting the car remains the same.

The primary purpose of tinting your car is to prevent direct sunlight into the car and to control the light. Another purpose includes serving for privacy and security reasons. Besides the stated above, there are also other reasons why it is essential to tint your Vehicle. Below are some briefly explained.

  1. It helps to protect you from the harmful UV (Ultra Violet) rays, as UV radiation can harm your skin and cause skin-related issues.
  2. To prevent sun glare which can result in eye strain, increasing the contrast in your eyesight can cause uneasiness and distract you while driving.
  3. Tinting the window glasses gives an aesthetic and luxurious look to your Vehicle.
  4. When the window glasses are tinted will save the fuel wastage of your Vehicle because it cools the interior environment and helps with heat reduction.
  5. It prevents your Vehicle from overheating, which can damage its electrical components.
  6. Because the tint blocks the directed sunlight, it does not fade the dashboard and prevents damage on the surface of your leather seat in the Vehicle.
  7. Using a tint also helps to hold the glass in place when the windscreen of window glasses shatters and reduces the severity of the damage to the glass during an accident.

Carbon vs Ceramic Tint

It can be challenging to pick the best tint for your Vehicle without learning the differences between the types of tint. If you are planning on tinting the window glasses in your Vehicle, comparing the types is essential to the benefits and disadvantages of the tint.

The carbon tint and the ceramic have an equal standard, but the main difference that makes the ceramic tint different from the carbon tint is the material used to manufacture them. Besides that, other discrepancies must be identified when comparing the properties and features of the carbon vs ceramic tint.

Which Is Better in Terms of Quality, Carbon or Ceramic Tint?

The ceramic will usually last longer than any other tint in the industry for almost ten years. And the nano-ceramic particle used in the ceramic tint prevents the absorption of heat and UV rays into the Vehicle by blocking more than 75% of the heat and UV rays entering your Vehicle.

Though the carbon tint has better quality than the regular tint or the metallic it, it does not help with reduction as much as the ceramic tint, and the carbon only reflects on sunny days, which can be disturbing to drive. Thus when comparing the quality of the carbon tint and ceramic tint, the ceramic tint is better.

Materials Used in Carbon vs Ceramic Tint

The material used for tints plays a significant role when comparing the features and properties. The main difference between the two types of tint is the materials used to manufacture it. The carbon tint is manufactured by blending fine carbon particles into the film, while the ceramic tint is made by using nano-ceramic particles.

Which Tint is Expensive Carbon or Ceramic?

Though the carbon tint and the ceramic tint are more expensive than any other type of tint in the industry, the carbon tint is less costly than the ceramic tint. The ceramic comes with an extremely hefty price tag of approximately more than $400 for only three window glasses. But the carbon tint only costs between $100 to $350, which can increase depending on the professional.

Carbon or Ceramic Tint Performs Better?

The carbon tint and ceramic tint work effectively to block direct sunlight, heat, and harmful UV rays. But as previously stated, the Ceramic tint can block more percentage of UV rays into your Vehicle than the carbon tint. The carbon tint can only block 40% to 50% of the heat and UV rays, while the ceramic tint can block nearly 90%  of the heat entering your Vehicle.

Which Lasts Long, Carbon vs Ceramic Tint?

Ceramic and carbon tint are scratch resistant and do not peel off easily after the application, but the carbon tint can scratch more easily than the ceramic tint.

The ceramic tint will last for nearly ten years if properly used, while the carbon tint will last up to 5 years. Both types of tints are durable and last longer than the other types of tints in the industry.

Pros of Using Carbon Tint for Your Vehicle

The carbon tint is one of the best tints available in the industry. It is better than the metallic and regular tint and has an almost equal standard to the ceramic tint. The carbon tint comes with numerous benefits. Though it can be expensive, the tint is definitely worth the price. Below are some of the benefits of the carbon tint, briefly explained.

  1. The darker shade of carbon tint increases privacy and security while traveling.
  2. It gives the Vehicle a matte look making it look luxurious and aesthetic
  3. It blocks nearly 50% of the sun rays and heats entering the Vehicle.
  4. The window glasses use carbon tint scratch free and last longer.
  5. The carbon tint does not include metallic, preventing your signal from interrupting the mobile phone.
  6. Less costly than the ceramic tint.

Cons of Using Carbon Tint on Your Vehicle

Since the carbon tint is quality and is a standard type, it does not have many disadvantages to state, but the carbon tint can cause reflection which will cause uneasiness and distraction while driving.

Pros of Using Ceramic Tint for Your Vehicle

The ceramic tint is the best tint available in the industry. The tint is manufactured with the latest technology using nano-ceramic particles, which help with heat reduction. Since this tint is a premium type, it has numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below.

  1. The ceramic tint will prevent nearly 90% of the UV (Ultra Violet) rays from entering your Vehicle, which helps to create a cooler environment inside the car.
  2. It prevents the sun’s glare because the tint blocks most of the direct sunlight into the car.
  3. The ceramic tint does not fade or change its color.
  4. The tint is scratch resistant and will last for almost ten years.
  5. Ceramic tint does not have metallic particles that will not interrupt your mobile phone’s connection or the radio’s signal.

Cons of Using Ceramic Tint to Your Vehicle

The ceramic tint is the premium and the best tint available, but the ceramic can be extremely costly and sometimes unreasonable. The Ceramic tint is the most expensive in the industry, which may not be affordable to most.

Which is the better tint? Carbon Vs ceramic Tint

Comparing the two types of carbon and ceramic tint, which tint is better depends on your needs and requirements. If you are not considering the price of the tint, then the ceramic tint is the best option.


In the article carbon vs. ceramic tint, it can be concluded that both types of tints are manufactured with good quality than the other types of tints. But the ceramic tint is better than the carbon tint in most of the properties and is also durable, but the ceramic tint can come with an hefty cost in the end.

The article gives you an insight by  contemplating on  why you need to tint your Vehicle, the benefits of using the carbon tint and ceramic including the cons of using the two types of tints for your Vehicle for extra knowledge.

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